YOGA with Maria, every tuesday morning at Green Tomato Cafe


Maria, “What is your bio”?

Hello Green Tomato Cafe. Well, I have been teaching this wonderful exercise and way of life really, called Yoga, for almost 5 years but I have been always been a long life student too! I truly believe the body is an amazing thing and can even heal itself if you let it! Yoga can be a wonderful addition to your daily life.

“Where do you teach? “

I teach at home, or in local dance/yoga studios, either one to one, or to groups. I also teach to corporate clients and institutions in and around KL. I am a Registered 200 hour Yoga Instructor with the IYA and I am presently completing my 500 hours Teacher Training Certification in Integrative Yoga. I also teach the Anatomy and Physiology module on a local 200 hour Teacher Training Course in KL and I have written two booklets to assist any newly qualified yoga practitioners.

“What is Integrative Yoga Maria ?”.‘

‘Integrative Yoga’ is a mixture of classical Hatha , yin yoga, Qi Gung and spine centred Scaravelli vinyasa flows. It is a super holistic form of yoga which includes the principles of mindfullness, meditation and yoga nidra. It is quite unique really in that it includes so much and is very well suited to all levels (even total beginners and pregnant women ). I also like it because it allows each teacher to incorporate her own strengths and individuality. So I like to allow these ancient teachings to flow through me as a teacher and bring my own flavour and identity to them.

“Do you teach any other type of Yoga?”
Yes. I also teach Kundalini Yoga and Yin Yoga. Kundalini Yoga is a rather more ‘scientific’ kind of yoga in its essence and includes the use of sound, mantra and many many meditations and kriyas. It strives to balance our nervous system and our glands. Once our nervous system is balanced, stress levels decrease and our lives flow with a greater ease.

Yin Yoga originated from the ‘Dao’ and the Chinese yogis. This yoga is based on principles of Yin and Yang, and is mainly floor based with time spent in deep relaxation during the poses to stimulate our fascia and increase the flexibility in our joints. Yin yoga meditation vest the chi in our tissues and is very meditative. Both of these modalities are already very well known and established firms of yoga and can either be taught on their own or incorporated with other yoga types and are again suitable for any level of student. I hold my Level 1 and 2 certification in Yin Yoga with Meridians and I am also a Registered Kundalini Yoga Instructor with the KRI.

“Thank you Maria for giving us such a detailed overview!”.

Maria would like to run Yoga lessons at Green Tomato cafe soon!! . We have allocated her a slot on Tuesday mornings at 10.30-12pm. Starting date 22nd May. Please PM or email me if you are interested or can get a group together.

Yoga with Maria.
Tuesday mornings 10.30-12pm.
Lesson = 90 minutes @ 55 ringit.
Do come along!! Price includes a free cold pressed juice!!
PS. You will need your own mat!

call / whatapps for registration : Miss Tan 0122579775