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Green Tomato Cafe is located at Yayasan Seni, Ampang and owns by Emilia Tan,who is also the Batik artists. A petite lady with her nice batik outfit  put a smile on our face welcoming us to their cafe.
The batik workshop besides the cafe is very interesting whereby customer can learn to make the batik of their preference by just paying for a minimum fee of RM 50. This place really preserve the arts and culture of our Malaysian heritage  and tourist gets to know our cultural as well.

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Pancakes RM 14 – Pure and simple pancake with maple syrup and fresh fruits. The combination is pretty good with sweet strawberries and kiwi. Palatable Light and fluffy pancakes.

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In the green tomato cafe we bring market inspirations to our menu along with great ethical producers and fresh is best philosophy . We take great pride in being able to offer the freshest free range eggs and when possible free range organic eggs which not only means they are delicious but the hens are raised in a humane and sustainable farming methods so they happy and chemical free. The key to any great meal is to source the finest ingredients!

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