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Green Tomato Cafe 世外桃源青番茄咖啡馆

平日上班匆匆忙忙,想要好好地吃一顿早餐似乎成为了奢侈,所以难得假日就要对自己好一些。星期天可以睡到自然醒,和老公一起到吉隆坡去吃早午餐,来到了隐藏在住宅区内,以东南亚特色手工艺品巴迪为主题的青番茄咖啡厅 (Green Tomato Cafe),是我的峇迪 (MyBatik) 专卖店的附属咖啡厅。

位于吉隆坡 Yayasan Seni 里的青番茄咖啡厅目前已开业四年,宁静的环境还让我以为自己去错了地方。早上 11 点抵达的时候停车场还有许多空位,可是没一会儿就停满了车。在这里停车要注意的是,会有很多黄金从天而降~

沿着步道走去,就会看到在左手边的我的峇迪工作室 (MyBatik Workshop),提供峇迪彩绘等手工教学,右手边则是迷你儿童乐园 (Children’s Playground),色彩缤纷的玩具在青葱的草地上格外醒目,让人看了心情也跟着粉亮起来。

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In the green tomato cafe we bring market inspirations to our menu along with great ethical producers and fresh is best philosophy . We take great pride in being able to offer the freshest free range eggs and when possible free range organic eggs which not only means they are delicious but the hens are raised in a humane and sustainable farming methods so they happy and chemical free. The key to any great meal is to source the finest ingredients!

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