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Green Tomato Cafe

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Green Tomato Cafe, Kuala Lumpur (Garden Style Cafe)

I seldom blog in english version but special for this blog post!

The night before visiting to Green Tomato Cafe, Alan had informed me to dress casual for our breakfast on the next morning (the Labour Day) which fall on Friday, and it’s a long holiday for us because of Wesak Day ( fall on the following Monday) , so we can well spent our perfect 4 days long holiday with our family and friends.We set our destination on Waze to make sure we use the right way to skip the massive jam to the Cafe. Frankly speaking, without the apps of “waze”, we might couldn’t get to the right place within short time frame, Alan and myself would easily got lost in the city of KL. After 20mins drive from Cheras, we reach the exactly location as shown on their website. Tall trees, green gardening with the blossom of flowers, family love…
I’m so in love with this ordinary cafe where brought me returning into calm and relax. We both ordered two sets of hearty breakfast and a cup of cappuccino. This is self-service and the ordering is so much convenience with the big picture showing in the iPad provided by the cafe. The reason why both of us ordered the same thing is because of the BIG portion, we are hungry!!While waiting for our food, I walk around to kill some time. There is Boutique selling batik clothes and Batik Workshop for public to join the fun of drawing & painting. Parent nowadays busy on their job, social network and etc, believe me, try to find some time to bring your children for the fun to create closer connection with them, it worth than a million dollars.