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Thank you Blogger Joyce for the support to Green Tomato Cafe.

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A few weeks ago at the office…

Baby: Urghh… Why is everyone leaving me for London? You *points to Joyce*, for Fashion Week and you *points to April*, for school!
April: Aiya… sorry la King.
Joyce: I won’t be gone for 6 weeks again, Baby *whilst checking her email*. Hey, do you want to go for the HotelQuicklyWeekend Sweet-Escape?
Baby: Sure. Since EVERYONE is leaving me anyway!


I was told to meet up with the marketing and PR team from HotelQuickly at Green Tomato Cafe, Jalan Ritchie at 1.30PM. I’d already planned to Uber my way there on Saturday when I got an email from Natasha with the title “Surprise FREE Uber rides for you!”

And my reply to her was, “I was planning to Uber my way there. How did you know?”

I was entitled to seven free Uber rides and each ride is worth RM50. To Uber Black or not, that is the question

The interesting thing about HotelQuickly‘s Weekend Sweet-Escape is that there was no itinerary. They would only reveal our next activity after we’re done with the first one. My first and only clue was to meet up at the cafe in KL. On Saturday morning, I panicked because I didn’t know what to pack.

And then I remembered my trip to Penang with Joyce for the #LiveinLevis project last year. We were there for only two nights but she packed like we were going away for a week. [Joyce: Babyyyyyyy!!!!]

Baby: That’s a big bag, do you really need all those clothes?
Joyce: I always over pack, babe. And I bring only my nicest clothes because… I’m from KL, man… REPRESENT! [Joyce Disclaimer: i swear i don’t remember saying this.]

True enough, on our night-outings, she looked like a million bucks and I on the other hand looked like a runaway! Live and learn, Baby!

So in true Joyce-style I overpacked on purpose! Nice clothes only because… I’m from KBF, man… REPRESENT!

At 1PM, I booked my Uber and by 1.25PM, I was already at Green Tomato Cafe.