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January 2016 - ERICAN Collage Design Students Batik Field Trip ~ Tie Dye T Shirt & Batik Bag Painting 

January 2016 – Korean Students Culture Exchanged~ Batik Coloring + Tie dye T- Shirt + Teh Tarik making + Curry Chicken Cooking


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marie farewell party

9th March 2016 Marie’s Farewell Party, buffet lunch, pizza & all the adults are working on a 2 meters painting together, while children just have a relaxing batik colouring workshop. Total guests are 50


mint birthday

20th February 2016 Happy Birthday Mint, Relaxing afternoon with freshly baked pizza and freshly squeeze juices, coffee & tea, guests are invited for a batik colouring workshop

jia jia turn 2 birthday party

14 February 2016 Jia Jia turn 2 birthday party, birthday party start at 4pm till 7pm, guests are invited for the complimentary batik workshop, buff dinner serve at 5:30pm, pizza & fish and chips, assorted muffin, cake and so on.

Giant Bubbles & Batik Birthday PARTY

Giant Bubbles & Batik Birthday Party for Pauline & Liv

JOYKIDS international Pre-school Batik outing & lunch

JOYKIDS international Pre-school Batik outing & lunch



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